Workshop 2017

First Linked Open Citation Database (LOC-DB) Workshop

On November 7, 2017, the first Linked Open Citation Database Workshop took place in Mannheim Palace (Fuchs-Petrolub-Saal O138). Librarians and specialists in OCR, Linked Data and reference extraction came together to discuss the advancements that LOC-DB and other projects have recently made in this field. The current beta version of the LOC-DB software was tested in hands-on sessions and perspectives for using free citation data in libraries were discussed together.

Programm (PDF Download)

Einführung: Das Projekt LOC-DB und die Vision der offenen Zitationen

Presenter: Annette Klein (Mannheim University Library)
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LOC-DB Daten und Workflows

Presenter: Philipp Zumstein, Laura Erhard, Sylvia Zander (Mannheim University Library)
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LOC-DB Konzepte

Presenter: Kai Eckert (Stuttgart Media University ), Anne Lauscher (University of Mannheim), Lukas Galke (ZBW Kiel)
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LOC-DB Methoden zur Extraktion von Zitationen

Presenter: Sheraz Ahmed, Syed Tahseen Raza Rizvi (DFKI Kaiserslautern)
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Workshop Presentation-DFKI_Ahmed_Rizvi



EXCITE Projekt: Statusbericht

Presenter: Behnam Ghavimi (GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
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Halbautomatische Katalogisierung von Artikeln für einen Fachinformationsdienst

Presenter: Timotheus Chang Whae Kim (Tübingen University Library)
Online Version: Link
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EconBiz und die Nutzung von offenen Zitationsdaten in einem Discovery Service: Überlegungen und Visionen

Presenter: Tamara Pianos (ZBW Kiel)
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OpenCitations als Knotenpunkt für offene Zitationsdaten

Presenter: David Shotton (University of Oxford)
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Shotton LOC-DB Mannheim